Bassen guesthouse…a dream vacation!

Bassen guesthouse has three wings and a total of 10 rooms. The main wing, or grandma’s house as we call it, has 6 rooms, each one different and with a different name. You can find your room here: Schmetterling, Grille, Marienkäfer, Glühwürmchen, Hummel si Biene. In addition to these there are fairytale cottages in the garden, each with two rooms. They also have different names: the Pint Room (camera cu halbe), the Clock Room (camera cu ceasuri), the Masks Room (camera cu masti) and the Pottery Room (camera cu farfurii), each identified by the decorations at the door.

All rooms are 3 star rooms, with a shower and good style design. There are no two rooms alike and each of them will surprise you with a new, special something. The guesthouse has 5 king size bed rooms and 5 twin rooms. Most of the rooms can accommodate an extra bed.

It is worth trying to sleep in each one of these rooms since each night would be a unique experience that would make you enjoy the fairytale atmosphere.

Between October and April the fairytale cottages are not in use, only grandma’s house is open for tourists.

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