Indoor activities

Cottage games

Every night we offer you, or challenge you to try a series of cottage games that will give you the possibility to make new friends among the guests. We have plenty of games. Just challenge us!

The games you can find here or that we can play together are:

  • Rummy
  • Chess/backgammon
  • Cards
  • The wolf (the game of the house, yet a famous one). Minimum 7-8 players
  • Jungle Speed – Maximum 5 players
  • Charades
  • Blindman’s buff

At regular times we organize board games and other games evenings. We would be happy to hear your suggestions and to plan such evenings together.  

Price: these games are free of charge and the board games evenings are free of charge. Only possible drinks and/or food provided will be charged.

Painting workshops

For children we organize painting workshops with a multitude of painting materials.

The painting workshops are organized for children 5 to 15. In the Indoor painting sessions we will use ceramics (plates), glass (glass or vintage jars), paper or cardboard. We can organize the same workshops outdoors where we can paint on wood, stone, etc.
For such a workshop to be held we have to be announced a day before.

Price:  10 lei / child / workshop

Disco & karaoke

For groups we can organize dancing nights, disco, karaoke, with a special selection of songs that would satisfy even the most exquisite taste. Dancing nights may be held in the garden, at a camp fire, or at an outdoor dinner.

We have the sound system to make parties. We have all kind of music so that everyone can find something to enjoy. We do however reserve the right to pick the music and to control the volume just in case some other guests are bothered by it.
As we’ve said before, the parties may be held in the dining room, in the garden or at the camp fire.

Price: for organized groups music is on the house.

Outdoor activities


Our sauna is in the garden and is a special sauna with burning wood. You can use it as it is or with honey. It is a very relaxing activity especially after a very active day, yet ideal for those that had a day of rest. Our only requirement is that you stick with the sauna rules of use.

Rules of use

Price: 10 lei / person / session


We have a space designed for archery in the garden where you can try the famous Mongolian bows and arrows. This activity if recommended for adults and children above 10. We use static targets and you have to strictly obey the rules of the game.

This activity is only performed with our staff instructions and supervision since it may be dangerous and people may get harmed if bows and arrows are not properly handled.

General rules:

  • No participant may go beyond the shooting line
  • Under no circumstances the participants will direct the bow towards other participants
  • Under no circumstances arrows will be shot towards other persons
  • No arrow will be recovered until all arrows are shot and all bows are on the ground
  • All of the trainers’ instructions will be obeyed.

Price: 25 lei / person / bow / hour

Wall climbing

The garden also hosts a climbing wall. This activity is recommended for beginners, whether adults or children. Wall climbing is also performed by supervision of qualified staff, with safety equipment and protection equipment.

Wall climbing is a test of resistance requiring effort and technique. This sport is only performed with safety equipment, climbing equipment and helmet. The wall gives you the possibility to choose between various tracks with various difficulty ranges. The end purpose of this activity is to safely climb the wall to the last grip.

Price: free of charge for the guests but requires a reservation or a fee of 25 lei / person / hour for tourists that are not our guests.

Table tennis and fussball

As outdoor activity you may use a tennis table and a fussball table. We organize periodical championships with our guests.

The table tennis bat and the balls and the fussball balls will be provided by our staff. Access to the game area is free and the guests may use it as they wish.
If you want to organize or take part in a championship please contact the guesthouse staff. Winners will be rewarded.


The area has a gentle relief with hills and deciduous woods. There are various trails that may be used by trekking enthusiasts. In the woods you may come across wild animals like: deer, foxes, rabbits and others. From the top of the hills you can admire the beautiful Saxon villages in the area.

The trails around Bazna are of low or medium difficulty. For any trail you should wear proper shoes (running shoes or climbing shoes) and proper clothes. The trails follow the hills or the surrounding woods and part of them are not marked or are just partially marked. They are in exchange pretty easy to follow and they may lead you to amazing places where you can admire the villages or the woods and where you can really relax.

We have selected some of the special trails, you can find them here.
For any information on the trails please contact the guesthouse staff. Also please let us know if you intend to go on a trail so that we know where you are at all times.
Maya, our dog, is always happy to join our guests when hiking. If you like you may take Maya with you. In certain areas you may come across sheep farms that have dogs guarding the sheep. These dogs are not necessarily dangerous but you do have to announce your presence and to warn the shepherds you are there.


If you do not want to walk and you want to take a several kilometres trip or if you just love biking you have a variety of biking trails of various difficulty ranges that you can use. You can use the asphalt trails by foot or by mountain bike and visit the Saxon fortresses in the area. You will definitely love the variety of the trails.

We have bikes to rent for our guests; we also host guests with their own bikes. There are a few trails in the area, asphalt trails and mountain bike trails that will definitely charm you. For additional information on the trails and biking equipment please contact the guesthouse staff. You can find some of the trails in the area here (link to the trails section). At the same time please let us know if you go on one of these trails so that we know where you are at all times.

Bike renting price: 10 lei / hour or 20 lei / day

Outdoor teambuilding

For groups we can organize outdoor teambuilding activities like treasure hunt, urban quest or the like. At the same time, we organize survival camps for children and adults.

Details on such activities are set by each group and the prices depend on the number of group members and on the complexity of the activity. These activities are to be scheduled either by reservation or at least 24 hours before.

Life in the country

We can organize various activities related to the domestic animals we have here. Children will be more than happy to get acquainted with our animals and to learn about their habits. Maya, our Mioritic shepherd dog, will accompany you on any trekking trail.

Children have in principle access to our domestic animals at any time. They may take part in animal feeding or other similar activities. We are delighted any time we see children that love animals and we are glad that our tourists will be woken up in the morning by a rooster and not by police sirens or a tram or traffic...

Campfire, parties

For groups we can organize garden parties with camp fire and various new elements such as huge skewered meat or a traditional cast-iron kettle dish. A fire camp with your friends, music and fun, always make for unforgettable moments.

If you want such an event you have to let us know when you make your reservation or at least 24 hours before the event. The menu for the event will be discussed with every group and price varies accordingly.

Price for camp fire: 150 lei / campfire / group

Horse drawn carriage ride

We organize horse drawn carriage rides with groups of minimum 6 people in the village or in the area.

You need a reservation 24 hours before the ride. The ride will follow a preset route.
Pregnant women cannot join the ride. Also, you may not incite the coachman into competitive horse driving since there is a risk of accidents.

Price: 150 lei / carriage / ride (6 persons)

Outlaw’s hunter lunch or dinner

For groups of minimum 6 persons we can organize outlaw’s hunter lunches or dinners up on the hill, near the woods. Tourists will be taken there by carriage on a scenic route.

This activity appeals to tourists because it can last between 3 and 4 hours, depending on how long the tourists are willing to stay.

Price: starting with 55 lei / person (minimum 6 persons)

Treatment and Spa

All of our guests may choose a treatment and leisure vacation; treatment is provided within Expro Complex where you can find high quality therapy services. We can make direct reservations for treatment and we can also provide useful information related to treatment and treatment periods.

You can benefit of treatment services from Mondays to Fridays; on Saturdays and Sundays only the saltwater pool is open and in the summer the outdoor pools, but prices are higher during the weekend.
Indications and contraindications for treatment are:

1. Conditions of the locomotor system

  • Rheumatism – all forms (inflammatory and degenerative)
  • Coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis and other arthrosis, myogelosis, tendinosis, pediculosis, fibrositis.
  • Spondilytis and Spondylosis of all types
  • Scapulohumeral periarthritis
  • Gout and rheumatic gout
  • Postoperative orthopaedic care
  • Post-traumatic care

2. Gynecological care

  • Chronic and subacute metroanexitis, sterility

3. Otolaryngologic conditions

  • Chronic atrophic and ozenous pharyngitis, Chronic atrophic laryngitis

4. Endocrine conditions

  • Benign hypothyroidism and Myxedema (adjuvant therapy after drug replacement therapy)

5. Stress related conditions

  • Nevrosis, etc.


  • In acute or chronic diseases (in acute periods, ie. acute rheumatism)
  • In infectious diseases in the contagious period (by the time mandatory isolation is complete)
  • In malign tumours (regardless of form, stage or location)
  • Lymphoma, leukemia
  • In repeated and severe hemorrhage, regardless of nature
  • During pregnancy, whether normal or pathological, regardless of the pregnancy stage
  • In epilepsy and seizures
  • In psychopathy with behaviour problems
  • In chronic alcoholism (with neuropsychic disorders and drug addictions)
  • In tuberculosis (including in extra pulmonary locations, bone and genital)
  • In severe cardio-vascular diseases (decompensated)
  • In arterial hypertension of over 180cm Hg
  • In severe kidney diseases
  • In severe respiratory diseases
  • In diabetes
  • To patients that cannot care for themselves
  • In severe atherosclerosis
  • In all sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, syphilis)
  • To carriers of pathogenic germs (streptococcus, haemolyticus)
  • In cachectic conditions (regardless of their cause)
  • In acute pernicious anaemia
  • In polyglobulism
  • In amyloidosis  

We also facilitate massage services at the guesthouse; there are masseurs in the area providing this service. You need to ask for these service when you make your reservation or at least 24 hours ahead.

Prices: depending on the type of procedure.


Our guests can visit the 500 years old Evangelical Church in the resort; we can facilitate access to the church and to the Saxon churches in the neighbouring villages.

Within a 50 km radius you can find a lot of touristic attractions like Medias – a Freemasonry town, Biertan and Valea Viilor, where the churches are part of the UNESCO monuments, Sighișoara, and many other fortified churches. All these attractions may be visited by car or by bike. You could just as easy go to Sibiu, Târgu Mureș or Cluj.

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