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Bazna has been recorded in a document for the first time in 1302. First the German colonists settled in the West, beyond the hills, on the Rorii Valley, towards Boian, but later on, after they discovered the beauties in Bazna Valley, moved here and built an imposing fortified church.


Bazna resort is placed in the county of Sibiu, near the border with Alba county, in an area of hills with a medium altitude of 320 m. Placed in the Tarnava plateau area, in an area of orchards and deciduous woods, Bazna shows a scenic landscape with low hills, gentle slopes and large valleys specific to midland geography.

The natural potential of Bazna

For a more accurate description of the geography we have to present a short summary on the evolution of the entire Transylvanian basin that along the geological eras, and especially during Quaternary Pliocene, suffered major transformations embedded into the macro and micro relief that evolved later on.

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