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Bassen Guesthouse Sour Soup
This is our own delicious recipe for vegetable sour soup. You can have the vegetarian version, only with vegetables, and the meat recipe with chicken meat and sour cream and eggs finish. It is a light sour soup that will bring you the comfort of a beautiful day. You will definitely ask for more.  
Price: 15 lei / dish

Saxon pork chop
It’s one of our culinary specialties, a dish made for long trips and gourmands. One dish is for two persons and is made of pork chop held to marinate for 12 hours before serving, tendered in beer and wine. It is simmered for a few hours and then roasted. It is served with cabbage and beans garnish and pickles from our cellar. This is definitely something to try if you stay here. Please ask for it 24 hours ahead because it takes a long time to prepare it.  
Price: 45 lei / dish (for 2 persons)

Eggplants and tomatoes stew (Romanian “zacuscă”)
Each fall we prepare our traditional eggplants and tomatoes stew for the winter and for the rest of the year. The stew became famous among friends and guests due to the fact that we use our own recipe which makes it unique and delicious. You can have it every morning at breakfast, you will definitely be delighted. Although we make around 300 jars of stew with every batch we still don’t have enough to last us for the entire year. So we up the game every year, and the number of jars keeps growing.
For those who want to buy it to go we have 800 gram jars for the price of 20 lei / jar.

Apple pie
This is one of the best dishes we serve. The pie is made after a Transylvanian recipe, it has apples and cinnamon and you can’t possibly help eat it. You’ll just ask for more. Of course the apples are from our garden.

Apple cream
A refined desert made of our apples, to be served cold in hot days.

Rhubarb pie
A seasonal desert, it is particular to this area and to our guesthouse. Most guests don’t know this vegetable and sometimes they think it’s just a weed. The sweet-sour taste of rhubarb is a blessing in hot days and it is an experience that will definitely seduce you.

You can find in our pantry many types of confiture such as: strawberry, apricots, blueberries, plums, sour cherries, but depending on the time of the year you may find some special confiture like: black cherry, green tomatoes or onions. You can enjoy the confiture for breakfast or you can buy it to take it home.
For those who want to buy confiture we have 400 gram jars for the price of 13 lei or 800 gram jars for the price of 20 lei.

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