Hiking routes

Tour of the resort

  • Bassen Guesthouse – the old resort – the park of the resort – the mud bath (the old one) – Bazna skete – the Evangelical Church – the Mill – the Orthodox Church – return on the main road  
  • No. of km: 2.5
  • Difficulty: low
  • Touristic attractions: the old resort, the park, Bazna skete, the Evangelical Church, the Orthodox Church

Bazna – panoramic area - retour

  • Bassen Guesthouse – the old resort – follow the back road that exists the village (white marks for the bicycle route) – reach the top of the hill – panoramic area – return on the trail descending the hill (unmarked)
  • No. of km: 4
  • Difficulty: low
  • Touristic attractions: the panoramic area above the village of Bazna

The tour of the fortified churches in Bazna, Boian, Velț

  • Route description: Bassen Guesthouse – start by taking a right turn when you leave the guesthouse then follow the white trail markers. Exit the resort limits and keep going on a macadam road (back road) through the woods to the top of the hill then descend towards Valea Rorii. At the junction with the road to Valea  Rorii make a left turn then at the water pond take a right turn. Keep going cross the pasture to Boian. Cross Boian and exit on the asphalt road towards Bazna. When you exit the village limits (at the farm) leave the asphalt road, take a left turn and follow the trail markers. You will reach a pasture. Continue to the right towards Velț. You will reach to an orchard where from you will descend to the village. From the village return on the asphalt road towards Mediaș, and then at the junction with the main road continue to Bazna.
  • The route was designed for bicycles but it may just as well be used for a one day hike.
  • Terrain: macadam, back road, asphalt
  • Trail markers: white dots
  • No. of km: 26
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Route Map
  • Touristic attractions: the Evangelical Church of Bazna, the Evangelical Church of Boian, the ruins of the Evangelical Church of Velț, 3 traditional Saxon villages, traditional households

Bazna – Mediaș – retour

  • Route description: Bassen Guesthouse – route starts towards Expro Complex and before the entrance in the Complex the keep going in the woods and pass near 2 concrete basins. The first part is a difficult ascension to the top of the hill where you take a left turn. The trail markers are visible here. The route then descends through the woods towards Mediaș and offers you and amazing scenery. The route reaches to Mediaș in the area of Blajel exit. You can continue from here towards Medias and you can visit the citadel and the entire medieval area.
  • The ideal route would be in direction Bazna – Medias and the retour by a transportation means or on the same route.
  • Terrain: trail, back road, asphalt
  • Trail markers: MMM (remained from the medieval marathon of Mediaș or form the symbol of a fortified church) - please pay attention to the Trail markers.
  • No. of km: 28
  • Difficulty: medium/high
  • Route Map
  • Touristic attractions: Mediaș and the entire medieval fortified area, the Tower of Trumpets (Turnul Trompeților).

Bazna - Chiciura Crest (598m) – Bazna

  • Route description: Bassen Guesthouse – route starts towards the old resort and follows the white marks (the tour of the fortified churches), then continues in the woods to the pasture area. From this point forward you do not continue the route of the fortified churches but after you cross the small bridge on the pasture you make a left turn towards Chiciura crest. Ascension is rather difficult, at times you may walk and not ride. You will reach a crest where you will take a left turn (follow the yellow marks with the fortified church). Keep going until you reach the MMM route (medieval marathon of Mediaș) then take another left turn and descend back to Bazna.
  • Route: back road, trail
  • Trail markers: white dots, yellow church, MMM
  • No. of km: 10
  • Difficulty: medium/high
  • Route Map

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